“Ooh, no worries. It’s fine. I’m happy for the both of you.”She said wearing her big smile. But that smile? That smile was not genuine. She was infact on the verge of breaking down through the phone but she held it. Why? Probably because what he was telling her wasn’t new to her ears.She had heard this before. From a bunch of male species. For her, disappointments and heartbreaks have become the order of the day.She’s used to it and as long as she breathes in this city under the sun she’ll have to dance to its tune. City under the sun or city under the ghosts??

Another day,another ghost.She had been ghosted once again.And why exactly am I speaking of ghosts today??Flow with me; Ghosting is the current existing trick in the books of Nairobi.Pretty sure almost everyone of us has been ghosted or ghosted someone before.Judge me or not, I’m guilty of both.

Screenshot_2020-03-30-15-35-47-01Ghosting has become perfectly normal but at this point I just wanna scream “seriously???”…Mainly because of this people who ghost you only to hit you later with “You know, I have a girlfriend…..I never told you…… blah blah blah…. “Ooh, and you were using me for practice??Were you on internship over here Sir??I mean what am I to you?? John The Baptist???🀷I must be, cause clearly my work is paving way for another girl greater than me.

Snapchat-2141886696Elohim Father, your servant is tired.I do not wanna be the John The Baptist anymore.My fragile heart is not equipped to handle this role.So today I have a special request; Can you and your senate of angels sit down and discuss whether you can give me the role of Moses instead?

I wanna be Moses and at least take someone’s son to Canaan😍. I’m pretty sure I’m the wilderness he’ll have to deal with and survive but ooh well πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I know you will give that son of a woman the strength to deal. Right?

15 thoughts on “ME? JOHN THE BAPTIST? I QUIT

  1. It seems to me ghosting is an immature way to end a relationship. A conversation is the adult way to handle it. Okay, the virus thing, so maybe not a conversation in person, but at least a conversation over the phone. I guess the one good thing about being ghosted is you know the other person was not right for you. Good post!

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